Matsuyamashita Park
Omigawa Boat Park and Omigawa Community Center

Otaki-machi B&G Marine Center “Otaki B&G”

Located near Otaki castle, juveniles and health promotion facility established by B&G foundation

-baseball field, multi-purpose ground, within 15 min drive from Ichihara Maiduru IC, available for sports camp-


486-12 Otaki, Otaki-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba Pref. 298-0216

Education Committee, Life Learning Dept., Sports Promotion Div.
Phone:  +81-470-82-2462 (JA only) >
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Features & facilities
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Facility overview

Floor area (m2)


Seating capacity

5,000 people(Baseball seat only)


Nearest station
Otaki Sta. (Isumi Railway), 10-min walk

Train: Otaki Sta. (Isumi Railway)
Express Bus: Keisei Bus from Tokyo Sta., get off at Otaki Shopping Center
Car: 15-min drive from Ichihara Maizuru IC (on the Ken-O Expressway), Katsuura side.

From Tokyo Station
Train: 70-min ride from Tokyo Sta. to Ohara Sta. (on Express “Wakashio”). Then take 30-min ride to Ohtaki Sta. (on Isumi Railway).
Express Bus: 80-min ride from Tokyo Sta., Yaesu Exit, via the Aqua-Line.
Car: via the Aqua-Line. Get off at Ichihara Maizuru IC (on the Ken-O Expressway), then take Rte. 297 and drive for approx. 15 mins.

From Narita Airport
Express Bus: 60-min ride to Tokyo Sta., Yaesu Exit, then 80-min ride on another Express Bus via the Aqua-Line.
Car: 50-min drive on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway to Keiyo Rd. to Ichihara IC (to Otaki).

From Haneda Airport
Express Bus: 120-min ride, change at Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminal.

Access map


or call us at  +81-43-297-2754

(English and Japanese)