Choshi Marina
Choshi Gymnasium

Choshi Baseball Field

In Ideal climate all year round, with cool summers and warm winters Choshi is suitable for training camps.


-left and right fields of 92m, with 118m at center field, for hardball baseball having 1 pitching machine-


505 Maejukucho, Choshi-shi, Chiba Pref. 288-0031

Lifelong Learning Sports Division
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Features & facilities
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Facility event history
• National sports festival in 2010 (High school hardball baseball games)
• Public lottery sports fair “Dream Baseball”

Facility suitable for:

Olympic Sports

Facility overview

Floor area (m2)

706㎡ (management building)

Seating capacity

5,500 people


Nearest station
Choshi Sta. (JR Sobu /JR Narita Line)
Kannon Sta. (Choshi Line)

On foot: About 5-min walk from Kannon Sta. on the Choshi Line.
About 20-min walk from Choshi Sta. on the JR Line.

From Tokyo Station
Trains: JR Sobu Main Line Limited Express “Shiosai” from Tokyo Sta. to Choshi Sta. (about 2hrs.)
Limousine Bus: Highway bus from Tokyo Sta. to Choshi Sta. (about 2hrs.)
Car: 120km (about 2hrs.)

From Narita Airport
Train: Narita Airport Sta. to Choshi Sta. on JR line, then 20-min walk from Choshi Sta. (total 2hrs.)
Car: 50km (about 1hr., 20mins.)

From Haneda Airport
Trains: Haneda Airport – Hamamatsu-cho Sta. by MONORAIL, then JR Tokyo Sta. – Choshi Sta. on JR lines (about 3hrs.), then 20-min walk from Choshi Sta.
Limousine Bus: Highway bus from Hamamatsu-cho Sta. to Choshi Sta. (about 2hrs., 30mins.)
Car: 140km (about 2hrs., 50mins.)

Access map


or call us at  +81-43-297-2754

(English and Japanese)