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  • Abiko Civic Gymnasium (Main Arena, Tennis Court, Baseball Grounds)

    Located along the Tone River in the countryside, and  surrounded by nature the gymnasium has hosted All-Japan High School Sports Meeting and Naginata matches.

    -Main/sub arena, martial art gym, tennis court, baseball field, training room-

  • Abiko Golf Club

    Designed by Rokuro Akahoshi the Abiko Golf Club having 90year’s history won the “Best International Renovation Award”.

    – 2017 Japan Women’s Open Golf Championship was held, and
    Isao Aoki and other Professional golfers started their careers here-

  • Aerbin Sports Park

    A hostel located within 50km from central Tokyo and surrounded by rich nature.

    -2 natural turf fields, 3 artificial turf fields, Gymnasium, and Accommodation reopened in 2014-

  • Akitsu Baseball Field

    2018 World Women’s Softball League Championship was held.

    -6 lightings, 122m long center ,  92m long wings, seating capacity of 10,000 persons, athletic field in the park-

  • Amagadai General Park

    The oasis located at village known for villagers’ longevity, filled with seasonal flowers and greenery

    -4 Tennis courts for all weather, Baseball ground, Athletics field‐

  • Asahi-shi General Gymnasium “So-tai”

    Located in greenery Asahi Forest Sports Park along Kujukuri-hama seashore, the gymnasium hosted National Table Tennis Matches.

    -Various training machines, Trainers available at training room of gymnasium-

  • Boso Flower Line

    The Boso Flower Line runs along the coastline at the southern edge of the Boso Peninsula. The road running straight for the 6km was chosen as one of “Japan’s best 100 roads.”

    -14 km long road bike training course with no traffic light between the Kenbutsu crossing and Aihama crossing-

  • Chiba Central Sports Center Football, Rugby Field

    As Chiba prefecture’s core sports facility the Chiba central sports center has hosted National Sports Meeting and various international sporting events.

    -Football, rugby field-

  • Chiba Central Sports Center Gymnasium


    323 Tendai-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba Pref. 263-0011

  • Chiba Central Sports Center, Budo-Kan

    Center of popularization and promotion of Chiba prefecture’s Sports

    – Various international and national sports events were held. The 1st. hall having 512 mats, the 2nd hall having 270 mats, capacity of 624 persons-

  • Chiba International General Swimming Center

    Conveniently accessible and world standard swimming pool


    -50m long main pool with 10 lanes, with springboard, sitting capacity of 3662 persons and short course –

  • Chiba Port Arena

    Large indoor sports facility for national and international-scale tournament.

    – Gymnasium and small gymnasium with training room-

  • Chiba pref. general sports center Toso Playground

    Toso Playground, covering approximately 12ha, serves as the hub for a wide range of sports activities in the Katori and Kaiso regions.

    A track,  tennis court, multi-purpose field, and hilly trekking course

  • Chiba Prefectural Sports Center Baseball

    Tateyama Bay enjoys nice view of Mt.Fuji calm waters and a long coastline. “100 most spectacular sunsets in Japan” 

    -2012 ASTC Asia Triathlon Championship and OWS Japan Cup were held-

  • Chiba Prefectural Sports Center Shooting Range

    Shooting range boasting a long history where only public safety approved gun is usable. 

    -the host of National Athletic Meeting. 50m rifle, 10m air gun, 10m air handgun, and permission un-required beam rifle can be used.-

  • Chiba Sports Center Athletics Stadium

    Main venue of the National Athletic Meeting (Wakashio National Athletic Meeting), holding international, national and Kanto area’s sports meetings.

    -Authorized as Category 1 Athletics Stadium by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations. Capacity : 30,000, all weather type (non tip, emboss type, the second athletic stadium)-.

  • Chiba University of Commerce Gymnasium, Ground, Tennis Court, Inakoshi Ground

    Educational facilities of Chiba Commerce University located in Ichikawa city


    -The Gymnasium Arena can hold 3 basketball courts-

  • Chosei-mura Gymnasium

    Temperate village called Longevity village facing Kujukuri beach

    -gymnasium has budokan gymnasium for martial arts and Japanese archery court-

  • Choseinomori Park

    Located on the slope of hill in North western part of Mobara city with the theme “human, sports and environment”


    -8 all weather type tennis courts with sand containing artificial lawn, Capacity of 250 people for the grass stand-

  • Choshi Baseball Field

    In Ideal climate all year round, with cool summers and warm winters Choshi is suitable for training camps.

    -left and right fields of 92m, with 118m at center field, for hardball baseball having 1 pitching machine-

  • Choshi Gymnasium

    In ideal climate with cool summer and warm winter the gymnasium is suitable for training camp.

    -2 basketball courts, 2 valley ball courts, 8 badminton courts and 24 table-tennis tables

  • Choshi Marina

    Located at the easternmost tip of Chiba Boso Peninsula, cruising, boat fishing can be enjoyed.

    – dinghy yachting and water scooter can be enjoyed-

  • Choshi Sports Town

    Renovated from former Choshi Nishi high school, CHOSHI SPORTS TOWN has accommodations.


    -122m long baseball fielder center, 95m long left/right wings, partially lighting, training field for rain, baseball field 2, gymnasium –

  • Echigoya Ltd., Colza Horse Club

    Horse club located in greenery Yachimata city

    -Daily lesson, competition, para-horse riding and horse therapy-

  • Fukuda Denshi Arena “Fukuari”

    Home stadium for Jef United Chiba soccer team


    -Ball game ground special for football-

  • Fukuda Denshi Square

    A facility annexed to Fukuda Denshi Arena

    -Double size of artificial soccer field, meeting room, shower room at administration office-

  • Fukutaro Arena

    The arena is available to various sports


    -The arena is available for basketball, volleyball, badminton and has Judo hall and Kendo hall.

  • Fukutaro Baseball Field

    The Fukutaro Baseball Field is located in Kamagaya municipal park (Kamagaya municipal baseball ground )


    -Children are also welcomed to play-

  • Fukutaro Stadium

    Fukutaro Stadium is available for individual to do athletics, football.

    -all weather type athletic field with artificial turf, available for football and ground golf –

  • Fukutaro Tennis Court

    Located in greenery Kamagaya municipal park

    -4 all-weather type tennis courts-

  • Funabashi Municipal High School Third Gymnasium

    Educational facility of Funabashi Municipal High School called as “Ichifuna”

    -Fully equipped with accredited apparatus, available for men’s gymnastics competition-

  • Funabashi-shi General Gymnasium “Funabashi Arena”

    Funabashi City’s General Gymnasium nicknamed  “Funabashi arena”is a home court CHIBA JETS FUNABASHI.

    -main/sub arenas, swimming pool, kyudo/archery hall, rhythm exercise room –

  • Fureai Sakataike Park

    Large Park filled with over 40,000 cherry blossoms and azaleas where wild birds fly to come.

    -The baseball and athletic field where sports recreation can be casually enjoyed-

  • Futtsu Park Indoor 25m Swimming Pool

    Futtu park’s indoor pool to promote general health

    -Water ball and artistic swimming can be enjoyed in pool with depth-adopting function –

  • Heisaura Kaigan (Coast)

    Beach running along the “Boso Flower Line”, one of the Best Hundred roads

    -5km Arched beach where the Nippon Surfing Association (NSA) surfing match has been held since 2010-

  • Hitotsumatsu Kaigan (Coast)

    Enjoy surfing on the wave brought by Kuroshio (block tide) in the Southern part of Kujukuri Beach.

    -Close to Ichinomiya Tsurigasaki Beach, Olympic venue. Provided with parking lot, toilet and spa within 3min by walk-

  • Hojo Kaigan (Coast)

    Tateyama Bay enjoys nice view of Mt.Fuji calm waters and a long coastline, “100 most spectacular sunsets in Japan”


    -2012 ASTC Asia Triathlon Championship and OWS Japan Cup were held-

  • Ichihara Suporeku Park

    Ichihara Suporeku Park was used for the camp for New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup and National Football Meeting.

    -3 Natural turfs, 1 artificial turf, Night Lightning –

  • Ichikawa City Fukuei Sports Ground

    Landscape pond and lawn area are close to the ground.


    -softball, baseball and tennis-

  • Ichikawa Sports Center

    Promotion center for sports in Ichikawa city. The 2010 National Sports Meeting (Handball) matches was held.

    – 400m long artificial turf field with 6 lanes having 1300 seats, Night lighting equipped-

  • Ichikawa-shi Shiohama Civic Gymnasium

    Venue for the handball match of Citizens’ Sports Meeting. Gymnasium has played an important role in promoting sports in Ichikawa city.

    -Main arena having 1028 seats, 2 basketball courts, 4 valley ball courts, 10 badminton courts –

  • Inage Kaihin Park

    Soccer field used as a training camp by the Irish national team during the World Cup 2002 when Korea and Japan co-hosted the FIFA tournament.

    -high-quality environment equipped with lawn for use by the J-League, and lighting-

  • Inage Yacht Harbor

    Marine classroom is held to deepen understanding and interest in the sea.

    -Yacht beginner’s school, Junior Yacht school, Family yacht school-

  • International Budo University

    The objective is to cultivate the global awareness and culture based on the spirit of martial arts.

    -Athletic field, football field, rugby and other sports facilities, and Mineyama training institute-

  • Isumi-shi Ohara Track Field

    Located within a 15-min walk from JR Ohara Sta., the field is relatively comfortable even in the hot summer season, and provides great views of the Pacific Ocean.

    -Ground accredited by the Japan Hockey Association, sand containing artificial turf-

  • Iwana Sports Park Grounds

    Located within Sakura city’s Iwana Sports Park Ground and completed in 2014.

    Artificial turf for soccer and rugby, lightning facility equipped-

  • Iwana Sports Park Track Field

    Located within Sakura city’s Iwana sports park, built in memory of Mr. Yoshio Koide in the city


    – Accredited by the Japan Association of Athletic Federation as a 3rd Category Track Field, Olympic medalists such as Yuko Arimori, Naoko Takahashi are displayed at entrance-

  • Juntendo University, Sakura campus

    Educational facility of sports health science, Medical College Hospital within Chiba prefecture.


    -Athletic field, gymnastics grounds, artificial turf rugby ground, gymnasium and tennis court-

  • Kamagaya-shi Archery Ground

    Qualification and certification system for prevention of  accident

    -educational facility of elementary and junior high school within the city-

  • Kamogawa-shi General Sports Facility Baseball Stadium

    Professional baseball team Chiba LOTTE Marines, nationwide universities and high schools use Kamogawa Municipal Baseball Grounds for their respective training camps.


    -122m long center, 97.5m long left/right wings:, sitting capacity of 4,480-

  • Kamogawa-shi General Sports Facility Bull Pen

    The range of users is from professional baseball camps to university and high school camps.


    – Steel-framed and flat-roofed facility, spots for 5 hurlers, all roofed, and lighting and artificial turf equipped-

  • Kamogawa-shi General Sports Facility Football Field

    Training venues for Orca Kamogawa and other strong teams


    -equipped with artificial turf, night lighting. Capable of using as sub ground of athletic field –

  • Kamogawa-shi General Sports Facility Gymnasium and Culture Hall

    Suitable for a camp as it is surrounded by many accommodations


    – Gymnasium with artificial grass floor of 50m×50m, Baseball camps are held indoors under bad weather conditions, the gymnasium can be used as soccer and footsal.-

  • Kamogawa-shi General Sports Facility Softball Grounds

    Surrounded by many accommodations and suitable for camp as it is located in the temperate regions

    -used for softball training and children’s baseball, sub-ground for the municipal baseball grounds

  • Kamogawa-shi General Sports Facility Track Field

    The largest among the sporting facilities on temperate Boso Peninsula, surrounded by many accommodations.


    – 3rd-category athletic facility accredited by Japan Association of Athletics Federations with all-weather type 400m truck, 1240 seats. Official football matches can be held on artificial turf field-

  • Kashiwanoha Park Stadium

    Core sports recreational facility within the Higashi Katsushika area

    -Athletic field with artificial turf field, capacity of 20,000-

  • Kikkoman Arena (Nagareyama Civic Arena)

    Opened in April 2016, located within 7 minutes’ walk from “Nagareyama central park station”. 


    -Arena, training room, running course, martial art gym, Japanese archery court, gymnasium for kids-

  • Kimitsu Civic Gymnasium

    Located within 5 mins’ drive from Kimitsu IC, near Japanese garden


    -2 basketball courts, table tennis court in a small stadium, badminton court, and dance hall-

  • Kimitsu Medical Sports Center

    Sports complex with a artificial calcium hot springs

    -25m long swimming pool with 6 lanes-

  • Kisarazu Civic Gymnasium

    Located at template town in south Boso along Tokyo bay, you can view Mt.Fuji if you are lucky


    -Basketball court, 2 volley ball courts, 8 badminton courts in main stadium-

  • Kisarazu Municipal Baseball Stadium

    Temperate Kisarazu located in south Boso and Tokyo bay

    -116m in center 92m at the left/right fields, 550 seats of main stadium, with meating room-

  • Kisarazu Municipal Egawa Athletics Stadium

    Brightly blue colored truck with all-weather rubber, chip, and urethane

    – The 3rd JAAF-accredited facility with eight-lane, 400m track –

  • Kitahadori Multi-Purpose Ground A

    Multi-purpose ground for various kinds of ball games

    -Natural grass for football and rugby-

  • Kitahadori Multi-purpose Ground B

    The ground for baseball and softball, located along Tone river in Narita city

    -with clay infield, natural grass outfield –

  • Koito Sports Park

     Located within a 15-min drive of the Kimitsu IC

    with a center of 116m and  wings of 92m, seating capacity of 288 and Japan Rubber Baseball association’s accredited 2nd ground

  • Kururi Sports Park

    Located in the historical area of Kururi with flowing well, with one of the 100 well conserved waters nearby.


    -Baseball field with 110m center, 90m wings-

  • Matsudo Athletic Park Budo Hall

    Vast general athletic facility full of seasonal plants and flowers

    -Budo hall, gymnasium, track field, baseball field, and swimming pool-

  • Matsudo Athletic Park Gymnasium

    Vast general athletic facility full of seasonal plants and flowers

    -Gymnasium (stadium, training room, table tennis court, Japanese archery court, small gymnasium )-

    -Athletic field authorized as category 4 athletics stadium by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations-

    -Baseball field (90m wings, 120m center, baseball fieid), 50m-long swimming pool with 8 lanes –

  • Matsudo Athletic Park Track Field

    Within a vast general athletic facility full of seasonal plants and flowers.

    -Authorized as category 3 Athletics stadium by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, seating capacity of 2000-

  • Matsudo Bicycle Track	 “Matsudo Keirin”

    Having good access to Tokyo, loved by bicycle fans for long time

    -Opened in 1950 having one of unusual 333m banks-

  • Matsudo Edogawa river (Venue for The Chiba Prefecture Governor’s Canoe Cup)

     Hub of Edogawa river sports in Matsudo city.

    Tokyo is located across the river.

    – Venue for the Chiba Prefecture Governor’s Canoe Cup –

  • Matsuoka Sports Park

    Sports park near Kazusa-Matsuoka st. of JR Kururi line

    -120m center, baseball field with 90m wings, soccer goal, 200 parking lots-

  • Matsuyamashita Park

    General gymnasium in Inzai city located within 1 hour of Narita International Airport, having a ventilation system.

    -Main arena with capacity of 862, sub arena, Japanese archery court, accredited high jump pit, and climbing walls-

  • Minamiboso city’s Chikura B&G Marine Center Arena

    Located on the hill in Minami-boso city’s Chikura


    -1st gymnasium, 2nd gymnasium, swimming pool, and pool for infants-

  • Minamiboso-shi Chikura General Athletic Park Baseball Grounds

    In temperate climate Minamiboso-shi Chikura General Athletic Park Baseball Grounds is used for the National Sports Meeting on rubber-ball baseball, as well as high school pre-games

    -Natural turf ground for official games, 120m center, 92m wings, night lighting –

  • Minamiboso-shi Chikura General Athletic Park Multi-purpose Field

    In temperate climate when flowers bloom even in winter, Kanto women’s U-15 soccer tournament was held.


    –soccer field with a natural turf –

  • Minamiboso-shi Chikura General Athletic Park Tennis Court

    n temperate climate when flowers bloom even in the winter, nearby are plenty of sporting facilities including multi-purpose grounds.

    -3 courts covered by artificial turf and sand –


  • Minamiboso-shi Chikura Kotto Gymnasium

    Former elementary school’s gymnasium suitable for club activity and training


    -2 small basketball courts, 1 valley ball court and 2 badminton courts –

  • Minamiboso-shi Chikura Nanaura Gymnasium

    In template climate when flowers boom even in winter the gymnasium is bright and widely located.

    -2 mini basketball courts, 1 valley ball court and 2 badminton courts-

  • Minamiboso-shi Maruyama Athletic Field

    Opened in April 2016, located within 7 minutes’ walk from “Nagareyama central park station”. 

    -Arena, training room, running course, martial art gym, Japanese archery court, gymnasium for kids-

  • Minamiboso-shi Maruyama Gymnasium

    In template climate when flowers bloom even in winter, the gymnasium attracts with its spaciousness.

    -futsal, basketball, valley ball courts equipped with LED lightings-

  • Minamiboso-shi Miyoshi Judo Kendo Hall

    In a template climate when flowers bloom even in winter the hall is suitable for indoor sports game.


    -52 mats for Judo, Kendo, Karate equipped with Japanese archery and tennis-

  • Minamiboso-shi Miyoshi Kyudo Hall

    In temperate climate when flowers bloom even in winter,  Minamiboso-shi Miyoshi Kyudo Hall is suitable for training camp. 

    -28 distance from 5 playing grounds, night lighting, Judo Kendo hall and tennis courts are also nearby-

  • Minamiboso-shi Shirahama Gymnasium

    The training facility is spacious enough for judoists to focus on their martial arts and ideal for sports training.


    -2 official judo courts (9.1m x 9.1m), whole spece of 104mats –

  • Minamiboso-shi Tomiura Gymnasium

    Conveniently located within a 5-min walk from JR Tomiura Sta. and the Express Bus Terminal.

    -2 basketball courts, 2 valley ball courts, 6 badminton courts, 8 table tennis courts with seating capacity of 180-

  • Minamiboso-shi Tomiura Tennis Courts

    Conveniently located within a 5-min walk from JR Tomiura Sta. and the Express Bus Terminal and available for lecture.


    -2 omni courts covered  by artificial turf and sand –

  • Minamiboso-shi Tomiyama Fureai Sports Center

    In template climate when flowers bloom even in winter the Sports center is ideal for the sports camp.


    -2 basketball courts, 2 valley ball courts, 6 badminton courts, 15 table tennis courts with seating capacity of 424-

  • Minamiboso-shi Tomiyama Heguri Gymnasium

    Located close to Kyonan Tomiyama IC, at the bottom of a hill the facility provides an attractive natural envitonment for sports camps.

    -1 basketball court, 2 mini basket courts, 1 valley ball court and 2 badminton courts-

  • Minamiboso-shi Tomiyama Multi-purpose Sports Center

    Located close to kyonan Tomiyama IC, Baseball field suitable for junior and senior

    -103m center, 90m wings, equipped with lighting facilities-

  • Minamiboso-shi Wada Community Athletic Field

    In template climate when flower bloom even in winter the field is ideal for amateur and boys’ baseball

    -80m center, 86m left wing, 75m right wing, equipped with lighting facility-

  • Nakadai Sports Park

    Located within 500m from JR Narita station (unavailable for hard base ball)

    -6 lightings, 120m center, 92m wings –

  • Nakadai Sports Park (Ball Game Field)

    Multi-purpose ground suitable for a variety of ball games

    -7 straight all-weather lanes at a distance of 100m-

  • Nakadai Sports Park (Gymnasium)

    Judo events were held here during the National Sports Meeting, as well as table tennis and judo events at the All Japan Highschool Sports Meeting.

    -arena with size of 3 basketball courts, sections for table tennis, judo, kendo and Japanese archery-

  • Nakadai Sports Park (Sumo Arena)

    Conventionally located withing 10 min from JR Narita sta. by walk.

    -Sumo tournament rules/standard, 1 teppo wooden pole (for training), 16 tatami (Judo mats) for seating of the stable masters, in addition to dressing rooms and shower facilities‐

  • Nakadai Sports Park (Swimming Pool)

    Opened after renewal in 2020

    -Outdoor 50m long swimming pool with 9 lanes, 25m long pool and a pool for walking-

  • Nakadai Sports Park (Tennis Courts)

    Conventionally located at 500m from JR Narita sta.

    -8 all-weather type with sand, equipped with lighting facility, grass stand-

  • Nakadai Sports Park (Track and Field)

    The USA Track & Field team used the facilities as their main pre-training camp prior to the 2015 World Championships in Athletics held in Beijing.

    Conventionally located withing a 10-min walk from JR Narita sta.


    – The Japan Association of Athletic Federations  second class authorized land sports stadium capable of opening International athletic event-

  • Narita Shooting Range

    With easy access from Tokyo, the shooting range hosting National Sports Meeting attracts a lot of shooters.

    -4 trap courts and 2 skeet / trap courts-


    2018 world women’s softball tournament game as well as Official game of professional eastern baseball league are held.

    -6 lightings-

  • North Ichikawa Sports Park

    Jogging course leading to Okashiwagawa promenade within lawn area


    -12 artificial lawn clay courts (4 courts with night lighting), 2 tennis exercise courts, seating capacity of 1,026-

  • Nosaka Arena

    Conveniently located within 1 hour from Narita Airport, Arena equipped with air conditioning and cultural facility.


    -basketball, 2 valley ball courts, 6 table tennis courts, 6 badminton courts-

  • Oamishirasato Arena

    Temperate Oamishirasato city facing kujukurihama seaside


    -main arena, sub arena, Budo martial stadium, training room-

  • Obitsu Sports Park

    Within 60-min drive from Tokyo, baseball field in rural picturesque scenery

    -115m center, 90m wings, 8 gate-ball courts-.

  • Ōka Kaigan (Coast)

    Available for sports camp using nearby accommodations

    -ideal for swimming of triathlon-

  • Omigawa Boat Park and Omigawa Community Center

    Venue for the National sports Meeting (Rowing), All-Japan high school sports Meeting (Rowing) and Kanto student Canoe sprint

    -Hosted 2018 international boat Association’s junior camp, having accommodations annexed-

  • Otaki-machi B&G Marine Center “Otaki B&G”

    Located near Otaki castle, juveniles and health promotion facility established by B&G foundation

    -baseball field, multi-purpose ground, within 15 min drive from Ichihara Maiduru IC, available for sports camp-

  • Oyatsu Athletic Park (Tennis Court)

    Within park for Narita city’s citizens to relax


    -2 clay courts, 2 all-weather hard courts-

  • Oyatsu Sports Park (Baseball Field)

    Used for regional high school baseball tournaments.

    -6 lightings, capacity of 12,000, tennis court, pool, multipurpose ground-

  • Oyatsu Sports Park (Multi-purpose Field)

    Sports Park located in Narita city

    -1 soccer court, 2 softball courts-

  • Oyatsu Sports Park (Swimming Pool)


    Oyatsu Sports Park has an outdoor swimming pool of 7 lanes, 50m long. Children can enjoy the shallow pool.

  • Resol Seimei-no-Mori Japan Medical Training Center “JMTC”

    Surrounded by rich nature, the resort complex includes accommodations, sports and training facilities and clinic.


    -Representative teams of US, United Kingdom, Spain and Russia have used the facility for training camp-

  • Rinkai Stadium

    As a central municipal gymnasium in Ichihara city the stadium hosts various matches from middle school to high school.


    -available for basketball, valley ball-

  • Sakura Civic Gymnasium

    National Sports Meeting, National wrestling competitions, International Gall ball matches were held

    -Arena, Kendo hall, judo hall, table tennis hall, training room with 4 wrestling mats-

  • Shigeo Nagashima, Iwana Memorial Baseball Stadium

    Sakura city Memorial Baseball Stadium for Shigeo Nagashima,  honorary manager of Giants

    -seating capacity of 2,000, night game facility, Electric bulletin board-

  • Shimofusa Sports Park (Athletics Playground)

    10ha “Friendly Park,” providing various sports and cultural facilities

    -available for soccer in natural grass and multi-purpose field –

  • Shimofusa Sports Park (Baseball Ground)

    Used for softball games at the National Sports Meeting (but not used for hard ball baseball)

    -4 lightings, tennis court, athletic field, bicycle road, camping site-

  • Shimofusa Sports Park (Tennis Court)

    Located in Greenery park with sports and cultural facility and camping sites

    -4 all weather courts with sand, lighting –

  • Shiroi Athletic Park

    Good location surrounded by the nature

    -track & field stadium (blue track, natural grass)-

  • Shumei University (track & field)

    Shumei University’s educational facility in Yachiyo city


    -400m all weather track & field with 6 lanes, artificial lawn soccer field, rugby stadium-

  • Shumei University (Water Polo Arena)

    Shumei University’s Water Polo Arena is educational institustion located in Yachiyo city. The Pool is Japan’s 1st Water Polo Pool

    available for Lady’s water polo matches.

    -30mx25m at a depth of 2m. Goal(s) and Timer(s) availablef for water polo matches –

  • Sodegaura Athletic Field (Baseball Grounds)

    The main venue for 2010 Chiba National sports Meeting’s soft ball where professional baseball eastern league was held

    -Night lighting is fully installed, High School Baseball Championships Chiba was held –

  • Sodegaura Athletic Field (Tennis)

    Tennis courts frequented by its citizens

    -4 tennis courts covered in artificial turf with sand, fully installed with night lighting –

  • Sodegaura Athletic Field 2 (Track and Field)

    Track and field used for football matches of elementary and junior high school students.

    -400m of 7 lanes, 100m of 8 straight lanes-

  • Sodegaura Rinkai Sports Center (Indoor pool)

    Indoor swimming pool having arena and sports gymnasium


    -swimming pool with 8 lanes of 50m and shallow part for walk, pool for kids-

  • Sodegaura-shi Nozomino Football Field

    Sodegaura City’s Nozomino Football Field, established in 1995, is covered with natural turf. It is primarily being used for elementary and junior high school football matches.

  • Sodegaura-shi Rinkai Sports Center (Gymnasium)

    Sodegaura City’s Rinkai Sports Center Gymnasium, built in 1980, is extensively used by its citizens.

    – Arena is as wide as 2 basketball courts, 50m long swimming pool with 8 lanes opens all the year-

  • Surfing Beach – Ichinomiya Area (Tsurigasaki Beach)

    To/from Ichinomiya / Tsurigasaki Beach
    By Car 0~20 mins.

  • Surfing Beach – Middle North Area of the Pacific

    To/from Ichinomiya / Tsurigasaki Beach
    By Car 25~50 mins.

  • Surfing Beach – Middle South Area of the Pacific

    To/from Ichinomiya / Tsurigasaki Beach
    By Car 10~35 mins.

  • Surfing Beach – North Area of the Pacific

    To/from Ichinomiya / Tsurigasaki Beach
    By Car 60~75 mins.

  • Surfing Beach – South Area

    To/from Ichinomiya / Tsurigasaki Beach
    By Car 60~130 mins.

  • Taiei Athletic Field

    Athletic field having Taiei B&G Ocean Center

    -Sports field where various sports can be enjoyed-

  • Taiei B&G Ocean Center

    Marine Sports Recreational facility for younger generation

    -gymnasium with one basketball court, Judo hall, 25m indoor swimming pool –

  • Taiei Tennis Courts

    Located within B&G Marine Center at Narita city

    -4 all-weather tennis courts with sand and artificial turf, lights –

  • Takasu Minami Tennis Court

    Takasu Minami Tennis Court consists of two hard courts, recently completed in 2017.

  • Tateyama Sports Park

    Park with concept “sports park with sun, water and green.”


    -880 seats, 3 basketball courts, 2 valley ball courts, 9 badminton courts-

  • Tateyama-shi 25m Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

    Tateyama City’s Indoor Heated Swimming Pool, at 25mx15m, with 7 lanes at a depth range of 0.8-1.3m, is set to around 29℃ throughout the year. The Free Diving Indoor Cup is held here every year. Restrictions on opening days and business hours may apply.

  • Tateyama-shi 50m Swimming Pool

    Back-up site for the OWS Japan Open with Southern European style administration building

    -swimming pool (50m swimming pool with 9 lanes at a depth of 1,3 in the center and 1.5m at both ends )-

  • Tateyama-shi Civic Multi-purpose Ground

    Overlooking Tateyama Bay to the West, this serves as the start and finish to the Tateyama Wakashio Marathon.

    -baseball field, 4 clay tennis courts, multipurpose ground with natural turf-

  • Tateyama-shi Idenoo Multi-purpose Field

    A large natural turf ground covering 15ha

    -2 football pitches, 4 pitches for children’s games-

  • Teikyo Heisei University

    Educational facility of Teikyo Heisei University

    -All weather type ground with 4 lanes, the football field of artificial turf officially accredited by The Japan Football Association, gymnasium and training gym –

  • Tennis Training Center

    ITF Futures Tournaments has been held

    -10 outdoor tennis courts, 4 indoor courts, surfaces covered with Deco turf II and training gym-

  • Togane Arena

    Air conditioned gymnasium and natural turf field used for

    Nadeshiko league.

    -the gymnasium with 8 lanes having main and sub arenas is authorized as Category 3 Athletics Stadium by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations. The gymnasium is used for the camps of Japan national football team and J league teams-


  • Tomisato Social Gymnasium

    Tomisato Social Gymnasium can be used for sports and recreation activities to encourage healthy and active living.

    -Main and sub arena, authorized as category 3 athletics stadium by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations with 8 lanes, camp for Japan national football team and league teams-

  • Tonoshomachi Miyanodai Athletic Park

    Athletics park located within Industrial Complex in Tonegawa-gishi Tonosho-machi

    -1 soft ball field, 2 tennis courts, all with night lighting facilities-

  • Urayasu Sports Park

    The Olympic Village conveniently accessible to/from both Haneda and Narita airports, surrounded by many accommodations.


    -Main arena, table tennis room, martial arts practice space, archery grounds, baseball field and track & field stadium –

  • Yachimata Sports Plaza

    Main facility for amateur sports including gymnasium, tennis courts and multiple purpose square in the Imba area of Yachimata city


    -main arena, sub arena, training room, archery room, 8 tennis courts, football field and multiple purpose square for children-

  • Yachiyo-shi General Grounds

    Opened in Yachiyo Wide Area Park in 2014

    – All-weather, durable urethane track, artificial turf field used for football and rugby-

  • Yokaichiba Dome

    Yokaichiba Dome is conveniently accessible from Narita Airport  (approx. 1 hr.) and fully installed air-conditioning.

  • ZETT A Ball Park

    2018 World women’s softball game was held. It has been used for various high school and inter-city baseball game


    -Fully equipped with artificial turf and night lighting since 1999-

  • ZETT A Budojo

    Main venue for Budo promotion, and Budo (martial arts) tournaments held in city/prefecture. The floor was fully replaced and LED lighting was installed.

    -Budo hall (6 halls for Kendo, Judo, Karate, 4 halls for Naginata, available for wrestling and boxing), 24 table tennis courts-

  • ZETT A Oripri Stadium

    Track and Field where used to be J-league home stadium

    and has been the venue for the Japan High School Football Championships.

    – JAAF-accredited stadium for Track and Field (third category) with natural turf pitch-

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