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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Are the Sports Facilities on this website accredited by each of the relevant sports federations?

    A. Some of them may not be accredited; however, they are all ideally located very close to both Narita and Haneda international airports.

    Q2. Are you available to handle sports camps for high schoolers and college students?

    A.  We are prepared to handle a wide range of inquires, and invite organizers of sports camps for a free consultation. Our responsibilities and services extend beyond the requests related to Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

    Q3. Do your responsibilities cover all the sports facilities and accommodations located within Chiba Prefecture?

    A.  Our services cover all the related facilities that the local governments have recommended. Unfortunately, this does not refer to all available facilities within the prefecture.

    Q4. Do you provide any financial support toward international sports events or sports camps for students?

    A.  While the Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center will not be providing direct financial support, we are an invaluable source for information on the relevant financial aid programs being extended by the prefecture and its cities, towns, villages, and other available funding.

    Q5. Can we ask your Sports Concierge to make the arrangements on our behalf regarding reservations at sports facilities and/or accommodations?

    A.  While such arrangements are best handled by you, we can be helpful during the preparation process beforehand.

    Q6. Can we ask for transportation between the related sports facilities and our accommodations?

    A.  Please contact our Sports Concierge about your transportation needs regarding each facility.